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Diabetes and sexuality in men and women

diabetes is an increasingly common disease. It can cause sexual difficulties in both men and women. Which ones and by what mechanisms?

Le diabète n'est pas obligatoirement synonyme de troubles sexuels !

Article written by Dr Catherine Solano, sexologist


Before talking about the difficulties due to diabetes, let’s start by clarifying that diabetes is only a risk factor for sexual difficulties. Being diabetic doesn’t necessarily mean having sexual problems. Joël, 69, diabetic and suffering from prostate adenoma (= enlarged prostate) has no sexual difficulties. However, he has been diabetic for 20 years! To give a figure, according to studies, 20 to 71% of diabetic men also suffer from sexual disorders. We can see that the range is very wide and the figures correspond to different realities depending on the importance of the disorders, the age of the diabetes, the quality of its monitoring, etc.
Among diabetic women, we observe that 27% of them suffer from sexual dysfunction instead of 14% among non-diabetic women.
But sexual dysfunctions have been much less studied in women …


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