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Tears For Fears

Comments about Tears For Fears:

To consider Tears For Fears ordinary pop music is very wrong. Their albums all contain much more depth and quality than many of their contemporaries. I guess it's a bit like Talk Talk, only with a more happy approach TFF never really got the same acclaim from the critics. They were big in the mid-'80's with "Songs From The Big Chair", but better albums have succeeded this and deserve to have their place in music history.     Le Mec

"Tears for Fears were always more ambitious than the average synth-pop group. From the beginning, the duo were tackling big subjects."   Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

Tears For Fears Discography (official albums):
The Hurting (1983)
Songs From The Big Chair (1985)
The Seeds Of Love (1989)
Tears Roll Down - The Best Of (1992)
Elemental (1993)
Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (1995)
Saturnine Martial & Lunatic (B-Sides Compilation) (1996)

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