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Simple Minds 1998

Comments about Simple Minds:

Simple Minds are not what they used to be. Since the early '90s they have slowly slipped from an important musical institution to a band trying to hold on to what they once had. However, from 1982 to 1991 they released half a dozen truly fantastic albums and I guess these years represent the true Simple Minds era. An era worth remembering while hoping the band could once regain past greatness.    Le Mec

"Simple Minds have evolved from a post-punk art rock band influenced by Roxy Music into a grand, epic-sounding pop band along the lines of U2."    Steve Huey, All-Music Guide

Simple Minds Discography (official albums):
Life In A Day (1979)
Real To Real Cacophony (1979)
Empires And Dance (1980)
Sons And Fascinations (1981)
Sister Feelings Call (1981)
Celebration (Compilation) (1982)
New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83 ,84) (1982)
Sparkle In The Rain (1984)
Once Upon A Time (1985)
Live In The City Of Light (1987)
Street Fighting Years (1989)
Real Life (1991)
Glittering Prize (Compilation) (1992)
Good News From The Next World (1995)
Néapolis (1998)
Neon Lights (cover album) (2001)
The Best Of (2001)
Cry (2002)
Black And White (2005)

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