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Sheryl Crow

Comments about Sheryl Crow:

Sheryl Crow is America. So much of what she's all about lies deep within the American soul and tradition, and my fascination for her is enlarged many times by my trips to the US. You have to have been out there where the roads are never-ending and where the diners pop out of nowhere to fully be in tune with Sheryl Crow's universe. But the reward is a pile of thoughts and memories that will always want you to go back.    Le Mec

"Crow demonstrates she's every bit as gifted a singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, and producer as any of her peers. As she has done on all her work to date, Crow manages to dance a fine line between accessibility and adventurism, between street-tough rock heroine and sensitive singer/songwriter".   Billboard Magazine

Sheryl Crow Discography (official albums):
Tuesday Night Music Club (1993)
Sheryl Crow (1996)
The Globe Sessions (1998)
Sheryl Crow Live (1999)
C'mon C'mon (2002)
The Very Best Of (2003)

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