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Pet Shop Boys

Comments about Pet Shop Boys:

I'm into pop music, and when it reaches the heights of that from Pet Shop Boys, I must surrender. This has to be the coolest cocktail of pop, disco, and intelligence ever made. Never really making a big fuzz about themselves, PSB more than anyone else stand for quality whenever they release anything. It's amazing how they've slowly become an institution everybody looks up to. Who said minimalism wouldn't get you anywhere...?   Le Mec

"Always remaining one step ahead of their contemporaries, the British duo navigates the constantly shifting landscape of modern dance-pop with rare grace and intelligence, moving easily from disco to house to techno with their own distinctive image remaining completely intact; satiric and irreverent -- yet somehow strangely affecting."   Jason Ankeny, All-Music Guide

Pet Shop Boys Discography (official albums):
Please (1986)
Disco (1986)
Actually (1987)
Introspective (1988)
Behaviour (1990)
Discography (Compilation) (1991)
Very (1993)
Very Relentless (1993)
Disco 2 (1994)
Alternative (B-Sides Compilation) (1995)
Bilingual (1996)
Nightlife (1999)
Please (2 cd remastered & repackaged) (2001)
Actually (2 cd remastered & repackaged) (2001)
Introspective (2 cd remastered & repackaged) (2001)
Behaviour (2 cd remastered & repackaged) (2001)
Very (2 cd remastered & repackaged) (2001)
Bilingual (2 cd remastered & repackaged) (2001)
Closer To Heaven - original musical recording (2001)
Release (2002)
Disco 3 (2003)
Back To Mine (2005)

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