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Lloyd Cole

Comments about Lloyd Cole:

Bittersweet music always turns me on, and Lloyd Cole is a maestro at this. In his relatively acoustic universe he constantly mixes intelligent lyrics with impressive melodic songwriting. An artist who has never gained the audience he deserves. Then again, this may actually be one of his forces.     Le Mec

"Through both his lauded work fronting the Commotions and his more eclectic solo efforts, Lloyd Cole has established himself as one of the most articulate and acute songwriters of the postpunk era."   Jason Ankeny, All-Music Guide

Lloyd Cole Discography (official albums):
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions:
Rattlesnakes (1984)
Easy Pieces (1985)
Mainstream (1987)
1984-1989 (Compilation) (1989)

Lloyd Cole:
Lloyd Cole (1990)
Don't Get Weird On Me, Babe (1991)
Bad Vibes (1993)
Love Story (1995)
The Collection (1999)
The Negatives (2000)
Etc... (2001)
Plastic Wood (2001)
2001 Collected Recordings (4 cd box set) (2001)
Music In A Foreign Language (2003)
Antidepressant (2006)

Links to Lloyd Cole:
Lloyd Cole official website (maintained by the man himself)
All-Music Guide (loads of information)

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