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Juliana Hatfield

Comments about Juliana Hatfield:

If you've ever lived  in the US and experienced the culture of American youth, you'll know exactly the world Juliana Hatfield sings about. Her music is very simple and mature at the same time and there's something in there for all of us. She has worked a lot with The Lemonheads and in many ways her music is a female version of this band. If you don't know her, you might want to start with the album "Become Who You Are" since it contains most of the catchy melodic rock tunes she's known for. But I recommend any of her albums.   Le Mec

"Singing in an endearingly thin voice, Hatfield married her ringing hooks to sweet, lovelorn pop and startlingly honest confessional songs. Her 1992 solo debut "Hey Babe" became a college radio hit, and its follow-up, 1994's "Become What You Are", was primed to become a crossover success in the wake of the commercialization of alternative rock."             All-Music Guide

Juliana Hatfield Discography (official albums):
Hey Babe (1992)
Become Who You Are (The Juliana Hatfield Three) (1993)
Only Everything (1995)
Bed (1998)
Beautiful Creature (2000)
Total System Failure (Juliana's Pony) (2000)
Gold Stars (Best Of) (2002)
In Exile Deo (2004)
Made In China (2005)

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