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Le Mec:

1. R.E.M.: Around The Sun
2. George Michael: Patience
3. Keane: Hopes And Fears
4. Air: Talkie Walkie
5. Blue Foundation: Sweep Of Days
6. U2: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
7. Duran Duran: Astronaut
8. Phoenix: Alphabetical
9. Lambchop: Aw C'mon No You C'mon
10. Jem: Finally Woken

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Mike IBsen

1. R.E.M.: Around The Sun
2. Avril Lavigne: Under My Skin
3. Marillion: Marbles
4. Keane: Hopes And Fears
5. Saybia: These Are The Days
6. Maria Mena: Mellow
7. Beth Hart: Leave The Light On
8. Lambchop: Aw C'mon, No You C'mon
9. George Michael: Patience
10. Air: Talkie Walkie

Morten Jordan

1. Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse
2. Grant Lee Phillips: Virginia Creeper
3. R.E.M.: Around The Sun
4. P.J. Harvey : Uh Huh Her
5. Iron & Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days
6. Joy Zipper : American Whip
7. U2: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
8. Seafood : As The Cry Flows
9. American Music Club: Love Songs For Patriots
10. Beth Hart: Leave The Light On


THE HOT LIST as of July 11th 2004
- 16 quick recommendations for the summer (and beyond...)

Le Mec:


  • Kelli Ali: "Psychic Cat". Second album from my favourite little indie indian. Melodic sex. More info on
  • Scissor Sisters: "Scissor Sisters". These crazy Americans combine everything from Bee Gees and early Elton John to Pink Floyd in a hugely entertaining cocktail. Highly recommended for summer listening.
  • Faithless: "No Roots". I guess you can say more of the same from Faithless, but they do it so well and manage to combine trance and hip-hop better than anyone else. I was actually not in a Faithless kind of mood at the moment, but when I heard the album I had to have it. So will you...
  • Tim Booth:" Bone". The ex-James frontman's second solo album with a fine set of songs that grow on you more and more each time you listen. The way it should be...
  • Violet Indiana: "Russian Doll". Yet another arty pop album from VI - now with a more commercial sound...Go for it if you like this.
  • Melody Club: "Music Machine". Probably the most synth-based '80's influenced album you'll find this year. These Swedes have been listening to a lot of stuff from the early part of the decade.
  • The Dandy Warhols have released a double album with b-sides and rarities. The album can only be bought via their official website
  • Juliana Hatfield: "In Exile Deo". She may have settled into a more mature and mainstream sound but her girlie voice still dominates and the teenage angst shines through.
  • Morrissey: "You Are The Quarry". Who would have thought he had such a strong album left in him. A return to form and a welcome return on the music scene to someone who actually has something to say and does it with impact and style.
  • The Cure: "Cure". These old guys are back, more relevant than ever now that you really start to see their influence on much of the indie music scene. This is not their best album but still far good enough to wrestle the competition.
  • Lost In Translation soundtrack. Oozes big city and loneliness and is a great example of how a soundtrack album can stand on its own without the film.
  • The Charlatans: "Up At The Lake". Strong new effort from these die-hard Brit rockers whose best weapon is the consistent quality of their recordings.
  • Lamb: "Best Kept Secrets 1996-2004". Trip-hopping melancholy at its best.
  • Avril Lavigne: "Under My Skin". The punk is growing up. Still with the same sulky attitude but with a more mature set of songs. At lot of hits on this one too...
  • José Padilla. The man behind the Café Del Mar series of chilling Ibiza compilations should not be forgotten in summer time. You still won't find better music to fit your holiday in the hot water under blue skies.
  • Adam F: "Colours". Old album from 1997 but still pretty cool today with trip-hopping beats and guests like Tracey Thorn.

THE HOT AND NOT LIST as of April 29th 2004

Le Mec:


  • George Michael: "Patience". A good month after its release I can happily say that the latest George Michael album largely meets expectations. I would probably have preferred a few more up-beat tracks but the album is a fine mix of cool and classy dance songs and the superior ballads he's world famous for. What can I say - he still does it so much better than everybody else.
  • Zero 7: "When It Falls". Chill-out of the finest calibre from this Brit version of Air.
  • The Shins: "Chutes Too Narrow". Nice little indie pop album from these upcoming US fellows who'll surely never make it really big but receive lots of critical acclaim.
  • Eskobar: "A Thousand Last Chances". Swedish indie rockers return with a fine third album following the same path of country and western indie they do so well.
  • Jackson Browne: "The Very Best Of". If you were ever intrigued by the musical universe of master singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, this is the compilation album to run out and get. I did.
  • Danish James Bond rockers Swan Lee's second album happens to be rather good and should be available internationally (or at least in Scandinavia). It's worth checking out if you like melodic and atmospheric pop.
  • After A LOT of listening to the Gorillaz debut album, it has finally sunk in and become quite a treasured little pearl in my collection.
  • Erlend Oye's "DJ Kicks" should be worth checking out if you're an electronica freak. While you're at it, give French poppers Phoenix's new offering "Alphabetical" a spin too. Their first was a hoot!
  • The expanded deluxe releases of the great Fleetwood Mac albums from the mid-seventies should be worth your while if you don't already own them.
  • Eels. I highly recommend the universe of this fairly introspective indie band where substance seems to be a given on their albums.
  • Eminem. Ignorance and slight irritation a couple of years ago have grown to pure respect and admiration. Damn Em, I'm down with you!
  • Look out for a new Tears For Fears album "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending", just around the corner.
  • Also, Morrissey is on the way with what will surely be another serving of bittersweet pop.
  • Although this is a purely Danish release, I just wanted to mention Tue West who's made the Danish album of the year. Brilliant stuff!!


  • Peter Andre signing a new record deal. Like the worst kinds of bugs, just when you thought they'd disappeared from the face of the earth, they come creaping back into your life even more annoying.
  • Norah Jones: "Feels Like Home". I really do not want to knock Norah Jones because I have great respect for the way she's become a success for her music alone and not so much else. But frankly, this is a rather boring affair leaving me craving for more action.
  • There's a new Blondie album out. I haven't heard it but I can't help thinking that Debbie Harry has simply gotten too old to play the vamp. I mean, do YOU think YOUR grandma is sexy???
  • Does anyone really wanna listen to Janet Jackson moaning her way through 80 minutes on her new cd? I certainly don't - tits or no tits!!
  • The Top Gun of aggressive female pop, Anastacia, has a frightening new album out. Overkill production and that grinding voice scares me a little...

THE HOT AND NOT LIST as of February 22nd 2004

Le Mec:


Some of the albums that have positively flavoured the first part of 2004 for me:

  • Air: "Talkie Walkie". A brilliant return to style for Air. This is how we got to know them in the first place and what they do best. Spacy sounds and fine melodies. Give it up for the French!
  • Cafe Del Mar: Best Of. This collection of the finest from the Cafe Del Mar phenomenon is just exotic holiday chill-out music at its best. In fact, if you're into electronica, you probably have no excuse for not getting this album.
  • Gabin: "Gabin". Very soulful set of electronic pearls and one of the best electronica albums the last five years.
  • Kelli Ali: "Tigermouth". Indie pop when it's done juuuuuuuuuust right! This is also on the top 10 list for 2003.
  • Lamb: " Between Darkness And Wonder". They've lightened up a bit and thereby gotten a little less depressing to listen to. So this is where I board the train.
  • Gary Jules: "Trading Snakeoil For Wolftickets". The way was paved by his chilling and haunting cover of Tears For Fears' "Mad World" from the movie "Donnie Darko". This is the album to follow.
  • Groove Armada: "Lovebox". Funky beats and soul in a flaming cocktail.
  • Reamonn: "Beautiful Sky". This is German (part Welsh) pop-rock which doesn't actually suck big time and make you wanna laugh. There's some real quality in here. Very U2 inspired.
  • Goldfrapp: "Black Cherry". Sex and synths.
  • D'Sound: "Talkin' Talk". Norwegian blend of pop and light funk. Very effective and uplifting.
  • Athlete: "Vehicles & Animals". Another stab at indie excellence from England. With added singer-songwriter...
  • George Michael: "Amazing". This single from his March album "Patience" promises a whole lot and shows that even though he's not the most productive artist on earth, whenever he releases new stuff, the world must stop and listen and embarrasment be handed out to those who thought they had now found the right pop formula. This formula is still kept by George Michael.


Some of the things that just make you think: people, live your own lives instead of wasting time on this!

  • Britney Spears. I've stopped keeping track of the bimbo's accelerating attempts to hold on to popularity. Of all the Madonna wannabes out there, her skull must surely have the largest echo if you shouted in her ears!
  • Pink. The mean just-don't-give-a-shit bitch act was always a little over the top and only partly believable. And now that's she's dribbled herself into a corner with that, she'd better start praying that the world doesn't tire of this.
  • Celebrity reality it not getting just a little bit out of hand? I mean, Jessica Simpson is definitely not adding credibility to her career by coming across as the most stupid blonde artist in music today. No, Jessica, Buffalo Wings are not made from buffalo...
  • The outrage caused in the US from the Janet Jackson's Super Bowl stunt. Honestly, don't you people have better and more important things to do?


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