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Comments about Garbage:

Garbage is probably the best party music around at the moment. Or to any other occasion for that matter. That is exactly the strength of their music - that you can listen to it no matter what mood you're in. As a band, Garbage borrow heavily from other genres and the music that's gone before them, but they have if fact inspired just as many new bands themselves. Because of that alone they should receive more recognition than they do. That their music kicks ass is a whole other thing...And boy, is Shirley Manson dangerous!   Le Mec

"Garbage build on the sonic landscapes of My Bloody Valentine, Curve, and Sonic Youth, adding a distinct sense of accessible pop songcraft."   Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

"Garbage thrashes out power pop with enough skill and passion to rate among the
cream of the alternative crop".
Billboard Magazine

Garbage Discography (official albums):
Garbage (1995)
Version 2.0 (1998)
Beautiful Garbage (2001)
Bleed Like Me (2005)

Links to Garbage:
Garbage official website
All-Music Guide (loads of information)

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