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Fiona Apple

Comments about Fiona Apple:

She's only in her early twenties but she writes music and sings like she's at least ten years older. And then she's got that wonderful dark voice which further emphasizes the depth of her songs. Fiona Apple is one of the most interesting female artists to come of the the ´90's and in my book one of the few to really make it out of the "angry young woman"-period in the mid´'90's without losing ground in her expression. Maybe because she was never really part of this movement. She's much more subtle in her expression and the use of guitars is very limited. Most of the songs are built around a melancholic, dark and haunting piano and nobody is left unmoved after listening to her music.   Le Mec

"Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple gained a recording contract in 1995 as one in a crop of mid-'90s female artists, but her confessional writing and throaty vocals made the teenager sound like much more than just the latest flavor."             John Bush, All-Music Guide

Fiona Apple Discography (official albums):
Tidal (1996)
When The Pawn (1999)
Extraordinary Machine (2005)

Links to Fiona Apple:
Fiona Apple official website
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