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Can Danish bands make decent music? Heck yeah!! Take a look at some of the finest international Danish releases of the last decade or so. If you happen to live in a country where any of the albums are available, you should definitely give them a chance.


The Good Life (1999)

Kashmir: The Good Life A great alternative rock album, this. I'm not overstating anything by calling them the Danish Radiohead. An outstanding performance.

Half The World Is Watching Me (2000)

Mew: Half The World Is Watching Me Another proof that Radiohead and the alternative rock scene hasn't existed in vain. Contains many melodic rock songs of a high high standard.

Everything Glows (2000)

D:A:D: Everything Glows One of the greatest Danish rock bands at all! They've had some international success over the past 15 years and this, their latest album shows them stronger than ever.

Sort Sol:
Glamourpuss (1993)

Sort Sol: Glamourpuss Contains "Let Your Fingers Do The Walking" and other songs from the film "Nightwatch" starring Nick Nolte. But it was a great rock album long before then...

The Raveonettes:
Chain Gang Of Love (2003)

The Raveonettes: Chain Gang Of Love Sleaze rock that hits you right between the legs. Hyped extensively in the UK and American music press.

Frengers (2003)

Mew: Frengers Great reviews in the UK music press has secured their international debut album the attention it deserves. Very delicate shoegazer indie rock.

Mew And The Glass Handed Kites (2005)

Mew And The Glass Handed Kites Yet another great album packed with seducing soundscapes and an impressive between noise and soft spots.

No Balance Palace (2005)

Kashmir: No Balance Palace Kashmir continue their development as Denmark's answer to Radiohead by adding to their already impressive sound mixing alternative rock with more experimental elements.

AlphaBravoShockpopDisco (2003)

NU: AlphaBravoShockpopDisco The Danish clone of The Cardigans and Garbage. A Very radio-friendly mix.

Carpark North:
Carpark North (2002)

Carpark North: Carpark North Danish indie rock with a British influence and important electronic ingredients.


Luke (2003)

Luke: Luke Absolutely brilliant chillout pop music ranging from soothing melodies to high-class pop songs. This album will appeal to anyone who likes chillout or just great pop music. More info at

Deepfried Toguma:
The Hi-Fi Companion (1999)

Deepfried Toguma: The Hi-Fi Companion A brilliant chillout/ambient/lounge album filled with soothing sonic landscapes.No attempts to spice things up with more pop-vocal stuff, just focus on pure sound excellence.

Exploding Star (1999)

Lovebites: Exploding Star If you like Swedish band The Cardigans you'll definitely like this too. By the same producer and with the same type soft melodic pop songs.

Randi Laubek:
Almost Gracefully (2000)

Randi Laubek: Almost Gracefully The inspiration is Kate Bush and other great classic femal singers, but Randi Laubek has managed to stand up to them all and created her own special universe.

Tea With The Queen (1999)

Freya: Tea With The Queen Part of the new female generation in Denmark, Freya is yet another artist who deserves awareness beyond the Danish borders. Her rock/pop is incredibly addictive.

The Quiet Boy Ate The Whole Cake (1990)

Gangway: The Quiet Boy Ate The Whole Cake Inspired by artists like The Smiths and Lloyd Cole, Gangway were the ultimate Danish anti-heroes. A band known by much too few...

This Is Cool (2000)

Dicte: This Is Cool Another rock/pop diva with her very own sound. Dicte's universe consists of alternative little pop songs with a very personal and unique style.

Aquarius (2000)

Aqua: Aquarius I guess no introduction is necessary. "Barbie Girl" started it all and ever since the  ball just kept rolling...Slightly embarrassing to look back on though...

Junior Senior:
D-D-Don't Stop The Beat (2003)

Junior Senior: D-D-Don't Stop The Beat "Move Your Feet" started it all and now everyone, Rolling Stone magazine included, is hailing them as the latest dance sensation from Denmark.

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